Client: ngmoco

WordFu is an iPhone and iPod touch game that fuses dice-based word creation with spicy Kung Fu action. Players shake 3D dice to get a set of random letters, and then try to find as many words as they can within the time limit. WordFu has special power-up dice that allow players to freeze time, flick one of the dies, or temporarily double your points per word. Once you’ve mastered WordFu, take on your friends in a competitive versus mode over WiFi where you must race to have the highest score.

Demiurge worked closely with major iPhone game developer ngmoco to create WordFu. In our first venture into iPhone development, we were able to integrate addictive gameplay, impressive visuals, and solid technology into a well-polished title.

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“The addicting and surprisingly deep gameplay make WordFu one of the best word games that we’ve seen in a while.”
148 Apps

“The game itself is simple at its core, but is delivered with the style and polish we’ve come to expect from Ngmoco’s titles.”
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